Back down to Earth – Day 14


It was inevitable that the euphoria of the past two days would wear off.  I was so thrilled at feeling well, I was almost manic in my excitement.  Not so much today.  Whether it was the relaxation of being onboard our watery home or what, I do not know, but today I have basically done nothing but yawn my head off.

My soporific state was not helped by ending up staying indoors all day.  I had forgotten to pack the sun cream.  While the sun was not exactly blazing, it was peeping through the clouds and it was warm.  My Dad was forever sun burning his bald head.  I am determined not to burn mine.  However, tiredness aside, it was a lovely twenty four hours of boaty bliss.  We ate in the pub last night and I nearly managed a whole glass of wine.  This inability to consume alcohol is going to have to be rectified at some point.  Today we tootled back to the boat mooring and are now back home.

I am now entering the so called ‘good week’ of the three week treatment cycle and hoping to make the most of it.  No new side effects should be popping up and I should just feel increasingly well until next Thursday when the crap all begins again.


One thought on “Back down to Earth – Day 14

  1. Yay! Have an Amazing week feeling fine. It’s fascinating how much we all take health for granted, until we’re unwell then suddenly we realise how fortunate we were. Hope you get a restful night. Much love xx

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