I did not intend to have breast cancer.  But then, I suspect none of us do.  When things are not straightforward in my life, I write.  It helps.  You are welcome to read these burblings.  I doubt they will offer great wisdom.  They may not always be about cancer.  They may not always be about me.  But they are likely to always burble.

For more information about any aspect of breast cancer I can whole-heartedly recommend the following organisations: breast cancer care and Macmillan

For information on breast screening visit here, and bear in mind, without screening, my cancer would almost certainly have been diagnosed too late.  And while it didn’t help me, self examination does help thousands so visit Coppafeel and read all about it 🙂

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Helen.

    I found you via Jill Budd. We are keen narrow boaters – if you follow bloggers we are the ‘boat sharers’ on What a Lark.

    I think you write beautifully. I love how you combine humour and sadness with the down to earth reality of what you have, and are facing. It has been a privilege to read your blog – I’m only up to May so far and am reading whenever there is a spare moment.

    Just want to wish you well and say thank you. It’s has been a real eye opener.



  2. What a lovely read, I think Victoria has brushed off on you, much to my benefit.

    I have just had a mastectomy with reconstruction and about to face Chemo. I am 51 and practically don’t exist on any NHS records other than having my son 13 years, I rarely see a doctor. I thought I had a lump but wasn’t sure, having plenty to go round in that area it wasn’t the easiest to check, so often times I didn’t. So end of February this year I let my husband feel it, as I felt it was more firmer than before and from then on I was diagnosed, multifocal grade 2, HER+, lymph nodes clear. It was 65mm long but I knew I had had it for a while. I had surgery and released the next day with my drain, that was taken out 7 days later, I feel absolutely fine, and the wound is healing lovely, so really struggling to make the Chemo choice which should start in three weeks, 6 of the strongest FEC T with Herceptin on the side. Think it might be worth having the Onoctype as you did, hoping it will sway me.
    Please keep up sharing who you are in your bloggs, it really has bought smiles to my face

    God Bless You

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