Chemo-sabe’s Day 3

side effects

I have so nicked this title from my mate.  I probably could not have punned that on a good day.  With all my neurones firing.  And today I confused ‘ordinarily’ with ‘normally’ when talking to the Captain:

How many jars of jam would you get with this recipe, I seem to have more than I expected?

Well, normarily I get about one more jar than you have.

Fortunately, he speaks fluent me, so we were good.  It even took a while for me to compute that I had conflated two words.

Today I have been grumpy.  And nauseous.  And tired.  And nauseous. And cold.  And did I mention nauseous?  I have been tired too.  Which is odd because given how much I have slept, I should have been gambolling about like a spring lamb.  I slept all night till 7am, then another 2-3 hours this afternoon.  And guess what?  I am still tired!  Where is this buzz I hear the steroids give you?  Actually, I do get that.  It is not pleasant.  More of a jitteriness than energy I have found.  I am managing the nausea better.  And I think it is improving.  Food is essential, little and often.  I shall be the size of a barrage balloon by the end of this with all the nibbling.  It feels very counterintuitive to eat but it definitely helps.  And all things ginger are a must.  Ginger beer, ginger nuts, ginger tea, ginger cordial, crystallised ginger, ginger water.  If it has ginger in it, then I’ll knock it back.

Today I was hoping to investigate the possibility buying some Sea Bands but forgot at first, then felt too lousy and then was asleep.  I should have just asked the Captain.  But I forgot to do that too.