Gone Boating – Day 13

Hatton Flight BF1

I could almost have Nina Simone singing alongside me today because once again I’m feeling good!  It is true that I am more tired and I did not sleep brilliantly last night so I’m looking like I could pack for a week in the bags under my eyes.  However, since nobody is looking at them, because they are all transfixed by my baldness, I can get away with it.  The policy of loud lippy is definitely paying off.  I have had so many compliments.  I do not even care if it they are said with sympathy.  I am just happy to have them.

Today I took my naked head out for a test drive.  We had an appointment with a shrink to discuss the whereabouts of my marbles.  I suspect if we do not find them at some point, she may practise her head shrinking powers.  Which could ruin my look entirely.  It probably comes as no surprise that I have been having trouble locating my marbles.  What may be a surprise is that I have any left whatsoever.  This was my third trip to Ms Shrinker.  And I like her.  I am always slightly concerned that I may trip over her at some point and crush her entirely.  For she is tiny.  Kylie is of Amazonian stature in comparison.  Having a diagnosis of cancer is mad, so I say take all the help you can get.  Be bonkers enough to get a psychology referral.  There is no shame in it and so far, my tiny friend has proved very helpful.  She has to be good.  She liked my head.  So obviously a woman of taste and discernment.  Even if she is lacking in the height department.

Following this, the Captain and I have shunned dry land, untied the ropes and are chugging along the Curly Wyrley for a night at the pub.  It is almost as if normality has been resumed.


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