That was a Blast – Days 16 to 18


I am liking this whole Good Week malarkey.  This weekend has been an absolute blast!  The Captain had abandoned me – something about earning a crust – so my trusty and longstanding friend with a penchant for dragonflies came to stay.  We used to share a flat as students so she is accustomed to living with me.  Though it has been a while.  Like, that was last century.  So last century, we could not even see the millennium approaching.

This weekend was all about capitalising on my wellness.  She arrived on Friday bearing gifts.  While she unpacked, I opened the prosecco saying, ‘I’m not that good at alcohol currently’.  The silence was palpable.  If she wore glasses she would have peered over them and the look she gave me explicitly said ‘well, you must practise.  Push on through!’  So I did.  It would have been rude not to.  She is my chemo guru.  She knows what she is about.

On Saturday we drove to Chatsworth House and did Lovely Eating and Looking At Things while Walking About Quite a Lot.  The chairs they put out for us were the same shade of purple as both my nail varnish and cardigan.  Considerate, we thought.  The evening was spent in Vegetable-like Contemplation of the Tellybox.  To link the two experiences we watched The Duchess, a film about the Duchess of Devonshire and excitedly (don’t judge, I don’t get out much!) set out trying to spot glimpses of the house we had just visited.  We failed.  Clearly we should have paid more attention.  Or maybe we were distracted by the gin.  For it is a poorly kept secret that my gin habit has been somewhat diminished of late. In fact, I had inexplicably gone off it.  I say inexplicably, because what better time to be drinking gin than when one is having chemo for breast cancer?  However, my friend once again demonstrated her true worth by downing a gin with me.  And you know what?  It was bloody good!

Today, I have had a morning of pampering.  First a massage and then a facial.  I so love having friends who a) understand the value of alcohol and b) have skills!  She has left me now.  The house no longer rocks to the sound of raucous laughter.  Instead, a satiated quiet has descended.  I shall have to take my exhausted body to bed shortly but even if I suffer for the next couple of days, it will be worth it.