Sick Pay


Friday’s appointment with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) turned out to be marvellous.  I was extremely sceptical beforehand.  I knew that Macmillan offered grants for people in certain circumstances, and I also knew I did not qualify.  I was not aware that anything else was available but figured it would not hurt to go and see.

Since cancer came along to bugger up our plans, we have taken something of a financial hit.  My business is not lucrative, but we were anticipating being able to rely on my income while the Captain was on his unpaid sabbatical.  We do have savings but had hoped they would last longer than they currently look like doing.  Especially given that cancer is proving to be hideously expensive.  It is shocking the number of extras that are needed.

The CAB woman was incredibly helpful.  Both the Captain and I had wrongly assumed that because I am self-employed I do not get sick pay.  After all, I am not earning, so how can I pay myself?  However, because I pay Class 2 National Insurance contributions, it looks like I will qualify for Contribution based Employment Support Allowance for the duration of the period I am unable to work for.  Applications are being filled out and will be sent in forthwith.  If my claim is successful, then my payments will be backdated to the 1st March.  What a difference that will make, hurrah!