Visitations – Day 7

Yesterday turned into a bit of a social whirl, comparatively speaking.  I had a fabulous friend come and visit in the late afternoon to catch me up on all the news.  It was so good to see her.  I feel hideously cut off much of the time.  Fundamentally I am a people person. There are times I crave solitude but by and large I need people.  Only no one seems to have told my wretched body that.  Chemo is playing havoc with my social life.  I just have so little energy it is difficult to get out and about, or even to consider galvanising myself into anything resembling action.

However, a few intrepid types have discovered the joy of face timing with me.  This has proved brilliant.  We set a time; make sure we are sorted with tea, coffee, whatever; then sit and chat as if we were across the table instead of hundreds of miles away.  Ok, so there are a few more delays in the conversation.  A few more ‘You’ve frozen’ comments.  A few more periods of actually taking it in turn to speak.  But on the whole, it is fab.  And I am loving it.  The only downside is my memory, never good, has become shocking.  Which means there is every chance I can arrange a call, and then totally forget all about it.  If I have done this to you, I apologise.  Just wallop me next time we meet.  Or harangue me by text.

Anyway, back to my social whirl of yesterday.  Having had my lovely in the flesh visitor, I then had a flurry of phone calls (the Captain was out) – all delightful.  And then, the cherry on the proverbial, I had a visit from a dahn sarf friend who was passing by for work!  He came bearing ginger cake.  Delicious sticky ginger cake no less.  So obviously I now love him even more than I did.  His wife is fine with this.  For his wife is Chummy.  She of the Up Yours Cancer Lunch 😀  And it is not everyone I am prepared to greet in a Taken My Bra Off for the Night state.  Which obviously has far more implications now than it did before I became Lady Lopsided of Tilting Town.  You try covering half an ample bosom while juggling coffee cups.  Definitely goes on the Things I Never Thought I’d Do list.

Today, I have been paying for all the excitement.  I had a fitful night’s sleep.  Indigestion seems to be featuring somewhat – not sure if that is a side effect (though I know it can be) or just my usual.  The sweaty, tingling head did not help and nor did the bizarre hair related dreams that ensued: being chased by tentacles of hair; giant plaits trying to smother me, you know the sort of thing.  So today I have been wading through a fog of sleep deprivation with a side helping of nausea and indigestion.  And I am still making far too frequent trips to the toilet.  TMI, I know, but I did warn this would not be pretty.  A visit from my daughter and her darling family perked me up no end this afternoon.  My baby granddaughter tried on some of my chemo caps and looked fabulous in them.  Such cuteness should be available on prescription.

Day 2

pills kick in

Yesterday got worse.  The nausea was hideous and horribly debilitating.  I curled up on the kitchen sofa, looking green, clutching a bowl which I never actually used but would not give up in case.  The box set of Call The Midwife was wonderfully distracting and kept me going until my next lot of meds could be taken.

As well as the nausea, I developed diarrhoea – a delightful addition to my day.  I had been warned by another chemo endurer that Sudacrem could turn out to be my best friend.  She may not be wrong.  Although at the moment, I would have to say that Sudacrem is lagging behind my antiemetic cocktail of Emend, Domeperidone and Cyclizine in the best friend league table.  Besides these, I have also found my tongue to be tingling and sensitive; my mouth, dry; my limbs shaky and aching; and I have periods of coldness.  The tip of my nose is icy.  The day has been hot and humid but for much of it I have been huddled under a blanket.

The steroids I am currently taking have given me moments of almost manic restlessness but thankfully I am taking them early enough in the day for their effect to have worn off by bed time.  At least I hope I have.  Last night, I slept reasonably well, all things considered.  I was asleep soon after 10pm, woke at 1:30am dozed on & off till 4am when the nausea sent me off in search of a ginger biscuit.  I came back to bed having discovered the ginger beer.  Oh wow!  That stuff was brilliant.  I spent much of my career as a midwife suggesting pregnant women drink it but have never had cause to myself.  It felt vaguely decadent drinking ginger beer and nibbling biscuits at 4am – what can I say?  I don’t get out much.  It did the trick and I was sound asleep by 4:30am for another 3 hours.

During my ginger beer and biscuit break, I did some pondering on the nausea problem.  You see, I am meant to be on the mega good stuff of nausea control.  So either this is how it is going to be – possible; or there is a reason – preferable.  On my take home pack of Domperidone, the instructions clearly state to begin taking them before leaving the hospital on my day of treatment.  However, my nurse suggested I wait until Friday (today) as I would be fine with just the Emend.  So this is what I did.  Hmm.  Also, I take Carbamazepine for my facial neuralgia.  It turns out in some cases this lessens the effectiveness of Emend.  Double Hmmm.  I am reluctant to skip my Carbamazepine unless I have too so I am working with the Domperidone today.  So far so good.  I have still been nauseous but it is a lot more manageable.

I haven’t actually slept today.  Lots of slobbing.  I thought of going for a walk.  But then it rained.  Phew.