Guess where I’m tattooed …?!


Goodness, but I have been remiss in keeping you up to date!  When we last spoke I was ripping off Mariah Carey songs.  Since then I have gained a nipple, we’ve all had Christmas, 2018 has begun and the Captain and I have once more fled land for a summer on our narrowboat.

So let me tell you about my new nipple.  That is not a sentence you hear very often, is it?  Well, actually, it is one I seem to say a lot these days … And you must all be aware just how hard I am finding it NOT to post actual photos.  In the interests of decency, I just do not feel I can.  But another side of me is itching to!  Nevermind, personal flashes are always available.  Just ask when we meet.  I need little encouragement.

My appointment with Surgical Spice went swimmingly.  I was quickly ushered into theatre and while it was very bizarre being awake while all around were clearly performing surgery, it was also pretty interesting.  At least it was for a while but after an hour I began to get a bit bored.  I felt absolutely no pain as the local anaesthetic was clearly administered well.  I could not see anything at all but in my old age I seem to have become a bit squeamish so this was probably just as well.  It took far longer than I anticipated but I have to say the results are seriously impressive on many counts.  Lots of people have asked me how the surgery was achieved and I think the technique used was the one in this YouTube clip:

Once again, the use of antihistamines meant that I had no reactions to the dressings used – hurrah!  And all healed well.  Very well.  In fact, I cannot quite believe the difference having a nipple makes.  It has turned my somewhat lumpy and misshapen chest mound into a proper breast!  And one that I have bonded with.  Instead of rushing out of the bathroom and avoiding mirrors, I find myself admiring my reflection.

This was a procedure that I very nearly did not bother with.  I suspect the only reason I did was that I was on something of conveyor belt and it required too much energy to get off.  I absolutely did not believe that it would make any difference to how I felt about my body image.  To feel good about how I look after all the surgery and treatment I have had is really quite remarkable.  To anyone who is considering whether to continue with this surgery or give it a miss, go for it.  You will not regret it.

But this is not all I have been up to in the breast department!  You see, once healed, while looking very good, my new nip was a bit pale and wan.  Consequently the final part in my reconstruction happened last week when I got inked!  Oh yes, I am now a member of the tattooed masses.  All on the NHS too.  I have been colour matched to my other more genuine nipple and once again, am seriously impressed with how good the finished result has been.  I may need it topping up at some point apparently but the thing I am most looking forward to is sidling up to unsuspecting teens and whispering ‘Guess where I’m tattooed!’