Woman with Altitude

Writing here has been an incredibly helpful experience.  It has helped me to process my many varied and conflicting emotions.  It has given me a safe space to scream, to cry, to joke, to connect with others, and to keep people up to date with my progress.  Primarily it has been a journal, just one that I have made public.

I am not yet finished with my treatment.  I still have 4 more years of Exemestane to endure.  I still have a few more stages of reconstruction to undergo.  And while I will undoubtedly blog these events along the way, now feels like the time to gather altogether in book form.  So that is what I am doing.

I hope the bulk of my story is now written.  I hope occassional updates will be all that are seen here.  Like everyone else who has ever had cancer, I live knowing that it may return.  But I strive to keep that knowledge firmly at the back of my head and to live fully in the present.

Thank you for walking with me,

Helen x

7 thoughts on “Finally

  1. It has been an honour to join you on your road to recovery. Thank you for sharing with us. I will look forward to meeting you in person one day whilst on the cut.

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  2. Have felt it a privilege in a strange sort of way, and have learnt a lot from your experiences, some of which have made me reflect upon my own practice. Will continue to pray that you stay fit and well. Hope to catch up with you soon. Thank you dear friend. Much love, God bless xx

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  3. Beautiful lady. Your journal has helped and will continue to help others traveling on similar journeys. Your incredible humour and witty observations enable others to bear what is a grim burden. You make the load lighter. Thank you for your gift of words, and thank you for sharing them with us. Praying still xx

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