Well, it’s a marvellous night for a moon walk …


… or at least it will be on Saturday 10th June.  Which is in precisely 12 days time!

My mad sister and niece are going to be taking on the MoonWalk Scotland and walking 26.2 miles to raise money for research into prevention of and better treatments for those with breast cancer.  If twenty six (point two) miles were not enough of a feat, they are doing it overnight.  In their bras.  Madness, I tell you.  Madness!

However, I do feel a certain responsibility for their efforts.  They have already suffered blisters, pulled muscles, sunburn and all manner of fatigue in training and that is before the event has even begun.  It is all very well saying that adrenaline will kick in on the night and carry them through but it is still a gargantuan effort.  And they are going to be looking, frankly, ridiculous.  They will be wearing yellow bras, decorated with sunflowers and bees.  The sunflowers are partly my fault as they remind my sister of me.  Tall and beautiful, obvs, not loud and brash at all, oh no!  They also remind us both of our Dad and were symbolic of fundraising for cancer research and better treatment and flashing your tits in the film Calendar Girls.  The bees are because they are Team Bee, the first letter of their surname and a nod in solidarity to their Mancunian roots after the horrific events of 22nd May.

They have pledged to raise £500 and are well on their way but still need a bit more to push them to their target, which they would be very happy to exceed!  If you are at all able to do so, please go to their fundraising page and sponsor them.  They are not just doing this for me, but for all of us who have had the misfortune to experience this hideous disease.  And if you have a moment, go to the MoonWalk’s Where The Money Goes page and take a look at the many amazing projects, grants and research that they support.  If you have visited Penny Brohn, Maggie’s Centre or The Haven then you will have benefitted from MoonWalk support.  If you have used a cold cap system, it could have been provided for by a MoonWalk grant.  If you were treated at Christie’s and visited their Complimentary Therapy Unit, again you have benefited from the MoonWalk’s fundraising.  And of course, the research they fund could help prevent many many more of our friends, relatives and loved ones going through this ordeal.  Close to my heart, I was gladdened to see that they are also funding vital research into secondary breast cancer.

So, their fundraising page again: https://moonwalkscotland2017.everydayhero.com/uk/nicki-and-sarah

I am tweeting support for them throughout the night using inspirational walking songs (oh yes!) to encourage them along the route (mwha ha haa haaaa!).  Do join in if you’re on twitter: @wildsidejam @nickibaguley @sarah_baguley #SongsForWalking #MoonWalkScot

Thank you x


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