My cup overfloweth


I have been very slow to tell you that my cup, indeed, overfloweth.  Or rather, my cup is now fitting very well.  Thanks to the lovely Monique in John Lewis Birmingham.  Following my last visit to Surgical Spice, I was able to throw out the soft bras and finally get myself sorted with something a little more appropriate.  Underwired is out for now and likely to be for some time but before I plunged into the lingerie department once more, I needed to have an idea of what size to be buying.

My mastectomy in March 2016 removed a kilo (I kid you not!) of breast tissue and replaced it with shoulder muscle in a mound that was considerably smaller than my removed boob.  My reduction this March (2017) removed half a kilo to bring it down to a size that matched my Foob (false boob).  Before any of these shenanigans I was wearing a 36F.  I knew it was too small and figured I should be in a G cup.  So imagine my surprise on discovering that I currently measure a 36F!

I have gone from a size 18 top to a size 14.  I can see my stomach for possibly the first time since I was 12.  My shoulders no longer ache and my back is much improved.  And yet, apparently I am the same bust size I was pre cancer …  Methinks my bras were a tad smaller than I realised!

In other news, I have been having increasing problems with my left arm since my last surgery.  It is painful on stretching, down to my hand and thumb.  The pain is worst in my forearm, and certain movements are now becoming tricky.  It has magnified since we’ve been out boating.  That may be co-incidence or it may be linked to increased use.  Difficult to say.  Being the cheery soul that I am my first thoughts were to bury my head, ostrich style.  I do denial so well.  My next, was to convince myself I was developing lymphoedema but given that pain is not usually an isolated symptom and I have no swelling or other symptoms it seems unlikely.  My third and most sensible thought was to call Breast Cancer Care’s helpline who in turn put me onto my Breast Care Team.  The result?  I have an appointment in a couple of week’s time.  Annoying as I would really rather forget all about it now and just get on with living, thank you very much.  But then again, I am very grateful to have access to such care.


One thought on “My cup overfloweth

  1. Of course you want to get on with normal stuff. It’s exhausting, having to be grateful for things which you would rather not even need. I really hope it’s a thing that can be put right easily or get better of its own accord. xxxxx


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