Little Miss Tall & Curly


It is a novelty for me have to have curly hair.  What am I saying?  For sometime it has been a novelty for me to have hair full stop.  But while I am delighted at the regrowth, I am less delighted and the sheer bonkerness of my current head covering.  It really is mad.  And nothing I do, not brushing, not washing, not any attempt at styling, makes the slightest bit of difference.  So my plan for sometime, and I think you will agree, it is a cunning one, has been to simply avoid mirrors.

This has worked well.  But the time has come when something has to be done.  The reality is that, for all its madness, my hair is still not very long.  Which is why I have not taken this course of action before.  Finally though, I have made an appointment at with my hairdresser.  It will be 261 days since my last appointment.  It is a personal best.  I am really hoping he can make something of the mess that now sits on my head.  He is a magician so I have good reason to hope.  I will of course, post photos when done but you will have to wait a while as it will not be until after my boobs have been trimmed.  Boobs first, hair second.  It is the rule.

Meanwhile, I have been having a lovely time over on making collages of my hair regression and progression since my last cut.  Enjoy.

L-R 7th June, 20th June, 29th June 2016
L-R 10th July, 5th Aug, 11th Sept
L-R 2nd Oct, 4th Nov, 25th Nov 2016
L-R 4th Dec, 22nd Dec 2016, 9th Jan 2017
L-R 31st Jan, 13th Feb, 4th March 2017

9 thoughts on “Little Miss Tall & Curly

  1. I love the bonkers hair! Try some serum through it to tame any frizz and coax it into some spikes. Wild and wonderful is the right description x

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  2. It’s growing great! Mine is also a bit mad, I’ve got this big lump of really thick hair on top so I look like a bit of a ‘conehead’!! I’m hoping by the summer it’ll start to look like an intentional haircut rather than an accident with some shears. 🙂

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  3. Hi Helen, I’ve loved reading your posts over the last few months. You always make me smile with your wit and humour. I think the short hair really suits you, you look lovely. I’m a few weeks behind you with my treatment so my hair currently looks like your Dec photos. I’m hoping my hair will grow as quick as yours. Keep writing and all the best with your future op and haircut! Debbie x

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  4. You are one of those enviable people who look absolutely magnificent with or without hair. That’s no mean feat, lady! I salute you!

    ps. I see your 261 days and raise you 9 years (of course, I had alopecia before the cancer, but, y’know, I take my victories wherever I can these days!) 🙂

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