Unexpected Joys


Today I saw The Doc again.  This was a surprise.  I was not anticipating the pleasure of his company until October next year.  However, I have been having one or two issues … plain sailing was never going to be on the cards, was it?

Yesterday I rang the Breast Care Nurses as I wanted to check the procedure for changing the osteoporosis meds I am on.  Since taking them, I have been experiencing fairly constant indigestion and on one occasion, spent the day throwing up.  I am such a class act.  My GP is already on the case but I wanted to be certain that I would be referred to the same hospital.  In passing, I mentioned the pretty much constant back ache I have had since my diagnosis back in February when I slipped a couple of discs.

BC nurse: ‘I’m sorry?’

Me: ‘Erm, I’ve had backache since February …?’

BC nurse: ‘And you’ve not been scanned, have you?’

Me: ‘I had a DEXA scan.  But that’s not what you mean, is it?’

BC nurse: ‘No.  I think an appointment with The Doc would be wise.  Tomorrow?’

Me: ‘Wow.  Er, yes, fine.’

It is not exactly something you refuse, is it?  So today, I was back in clinic, sitting opposite the chemo unit, watching the time tick by, waiting once again.

As always, The Doc was lovely.  He has instructed my GP to refer me to the Osteoporosis clinic for six monthly injections (sub-cutaneous or IV, the jury seems to be out on that) and prescribed me variations on the vitamin D and calcium supplements I have to take.  I am being sent for an urgent MRI and bone scan.  Which means sometime in the next four weeks.  We will then reconvene to discuss the results.  He was alarmed by my backache which was disturbing.  ‘I’m 99% certain it’s my discs & osteoporosis,’ I said.  ‘Yes, yes,’ he mumbled in reply.

Neither of us mentioned the other possibility because no one wants to think about that.  So it sat there in the middle of the room, drawing attention to itself, like the embarrassing drunk at the party that no one wants to acknowledge.  Hopefully, by my next appointment, it will have sobered up and in the cold light of results, will have vanished like a distant hangover.


9 thoughts on “Unexpected Joys

  1. Oh I’m so sorry you have to play the horrible waiting game yet again! Keeping everything crossed that your gut reaction (to the back pain, not the indigestion!) is the right one x


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