Lighting Candles at Midnight


Dear World,

I feel I owe you an apology.  This year I have not been firing on all cylinders.  I have been distracted.  I have dropped more than a few balls.  Plates have not been kept spinning.  My eye has not been on the game.

Normally I am quite good at holding things together.  I just did not realise how good.  I stop taking notice of you for a few short months, tied up as I was with cancer, and Brexit happens.  This was rude and unnecessary.  How to kick a woman when she’s down.  But that was not enough.  Oh no.  You planned a very special birthday treat for me.  Donald Trump as US president.  Seriously?  You thought this would be a good way to get back at me for ignoring you?  As attention seeking behaviours go, this is a full scale toddler meltdown of nuclear proportions.  And I am less than impressed.

I fear ignoring such behaviour is not the way to go but I am at a loss to know how to rectify things.  My Wonder Woman pants may not suffice.  Like many I am fearful of the future, disillusioned for my gender and saddened by the hatred.  For the second time this year my first word on waking was a shocked ‘No!’  But I do not want to live in fear, World.  So, I repeat the words a friend shared on Facebook:


and I choose to live lighting candles at midnight, begging to differ wherever I encounter darkness.  Join me and let’s live as people of light.



4 thoughts on “Lighting Candles at Midnight

  1. Very well said Helen, bravo. I recently heard someone saying “when you walk into a dark room you don’t say ‘darkness, be gone!’; you switch on the light”.
    We will join you in doing our very best to live as people of light.

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