Two steps forward …


I have had a busy couple of days.  That is itself is a good thing.  It pleases me.  What pleases me less is going to bed last night at 9pm, pretty much sleeping the clock around, waking this morning at 9am and feeling like I had not slept at all.  This I do not like.

I have done this recovery from chronic illness malarkey before and it is tedious.  In 2010 I had a serious accident.  I fell on our drive in the snow, crushing my face which resulted in multiple fractures.  I needed five operations to repair the damage and rebuild my face.  It took 2 1/2 years to recover.  I did not enjoy the recuperation then.  I am not enjoying it now.

However, my busy days were good.  On Friday I went to visit my MP to ask her to do what she could to campaign for secondary breast cancer.  She is going to chase up the CEOs at the two hospitals involved in my care as these trusts are not accurately collecting mandatory data needed to plan services for patients with secondary breast cancer.  I wrote to them over a month ago and have since chased up my letters to no avail.  She is also going to liaise with Jo Churchill MP who is a great advocate for breast cancer generally and recently questioned the Prime Minister on the subject.  You will see from that link that Teresa May’s answer demonstrated her lack of knowledge so I gave my MP a copy of this excellent piece that made front page of the HuffPost.  It beautifully explains why we need Government to understand the issues at hand.  It was a good meeting and I was impressed by her knowledge and enthusiasm.  Of course, time will tell if that translates into action but it was encouraging.  I left her with the prototype of the new fundraising jam I have been working on.  Introducing: Not Second Rate Jam


This prototype was using Raspberry & Apple Jam but the real McCoy will be Raspberry & Rhubarb and will be available next year.  Details will follow.

Also on Friday I signed up to Slimming World.  I need to get my BMI down to recommended levels before my next surgery and I knew from friends that there was a very supportive group locally.  It is a little earlier than I intended to do something so formal but my second born has voiced an intention to do likewise so it is something we can do together.  It felt a positive step and I have enjoyed tackling cooking and food prep once again.

Yesterday, the Captain and I took a trip to visit my sister which was a delight.  Thanks to the Captain’s serious and very inconvenient cat allergy we have not been able to do this for some years.  But a recent accidental discovery meant it was worth another shot.  The whole thing can be declared a success.  So long as we kept to non-carpeted areas and kept it short it was possible.

These two days made me feel normal.  Today not so much.  But there is still fun to be had.  I am anticipating the visit of an old friend with great relish and my first born and family will shortly be arriving with fireworks.  Excellent.


2 thoughts on “Two steps forward …

  1. Cheering you on from here! A friend of mine had secondary breast cancer and found, too late, what measures should have been in place that would have, at least, delayed it. I guess that means that there is the same problem this side of the world.


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