Summer Place


We have fabulous friends.  I love you all.  You have all been amazing.  You have all given of yourselves so much and for that we are incredibly grateful.

One set of aforementioned fabulous friends allowed us to share their beautiful summer home, Criannan, for a week just before half term.  Set in the foothills of the Cheviots, this cottage could not be anywhere more perfect in my opinion.  Northumberland is part of my upbringing.  I moved around a lot as a child and arrived with my family in Northumberland as a stroppy teenager believing that Hadrian had built the wall to keep penguins out.  Imagine my horror when I discovered we were living north of the wall!  However, it grew under my skin and burrowed deep into my heart.  The wide open skies, the wild beaches, the untamed weather and sheer vastness of nature feed my soul in a way no other place has ever come close.  I feel rooted here.  Grounded, body and soul.  To have the opportunity to return and heal here at this point in my life was very special indeed.

I spent my adolescence at the southern end so having in week in its northern reaches was lovely.  We drove along Roman roads, tripped over castles,


skipped along beaches,


gawped at sumptuous paintings in implausible places


and supped our way through many a tea shop.  And each night we return to our cosy cottage, tucked away for the night in the warmth and comfort of our friends hospitality.

This magical place is available for rent at exceedingly good rates and I can thoroughly recommend a stay here.  Every last thing is thought from the welcome basket of local produce to the array of books, dvds and games or the well equipped kitchen with underfloor heating.  And the views!  Oh my, the views!  See the picture at the top for what we saw each day on waking.  What did I say?  Magic.  ‘Criannan’ means Summer Place in gaelic, but for us, it will always be our Autumn refuge.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Place

  1. I love Northumberland. When I was a child, we lived for a few years in a town near Durham. When dad eventually passed his driving test and could afford to buy a car, we would drive up to Northumberland in the battered old Austin Maxi from time to time for day trips. Now I’m back living Oop North, I keep meaning to go back there for a longer stay. So glad you had a lovely week and a proper break away from all the day-to-day stuff. And weren’t you lucky with the weather?

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