Bit Knackered


Today is my first day of not having chemo every three weeks since early June and I can announce that this returning to normal malarkey is exhausting.  I have been trying to increase my daily steps and most days this week have managed over 2000 which, believe me, has taken effort.  It is a vast increase on my average for the past few months, I can tell you.

Yesterday I had a long standing date with the theatre to see an amazing production of King Lear.  It is my favourite play.  I try to see it whenever I can.  I can now bore for hours just on the productions I have seen.  And my knowledge has gone way beyond nerdy.  It is less a case of ‘Excuse me, I think your inner geek is showing’ and more like ‘Oh my, was that your screamingly flamboyant geek streaking across the lawn there?’  Yesterday was right up there with the best of them made all the more special because being there felt hard won.

All this excitement has left me utterly spent.  Even my fingers are aching as I type this.  Tomorrow I shall return with news of hospital appointments, drug updates and scan results.  Bet you cannot wait.


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