Hearing the Fat Lady Sing!


That is it.  Barring disasters, I.  Am.  Done.  Unfortunately, unlike the woman in the picture I am not celebrating with champagne.  Rather I am reclining on my couch.  Think Victorian lady with the vapours.  And a fuzzy head.  Both inside and out.  I am not sure the Victorians went in for fuzzy heads much but it could have been a thing.  Work with me.

My chemo unit were lovely.  They adored their gift and three members of staff came to discuss with me how they could improve their introductions.  They had no idea they were not doing this and all thought they were.  I discovered the hospital’s Chief Exec is also a big fan of the #hellomynameis campaign so hopefully I have pushed an open door.  I was seriously impressed that they wanted to talk about my experience.  And the jam definitely went down well.

The administration of this my final (did I mention that?  It was my LAST one.  I would not want you to miss that point) dose was a little tricky.  My veins really were at the end of themselves.  It took much stabbing and the unit vein expert was wheeled in to finally find one that would co-operate.  This one worked but was sluggish.  But we got there.  It is done.  Four and half hours later and we left for the last time.  I got hugs from the staff which was nice.  But what I really wanted were party poppers, fireworks, celebratory cakes, corks popping, ticker tape parades, balloons, a marching band, trumpet fanfares and humongous great bell for me to ring.  And hugs.  Not much to ask is it?! I shall blame NHS cutbacks for their absence.  Yet another reason to despise Jeremy Hunt.

One of my lovely friends works in a hospital where there is a bell in the chemo unit.  In this magical place, at the end of treatment patients get to ring it.  She said I could come and ring her bell.  But I think I am a little old.  It is a children’s hospital.  However, I think there should be a bell.  A big hum-dinger of a bell.  A huge enormous great bloody big bell.  And if I had a bell, I would let you all ring it too.  So you just know what I have been humming all day, don’t you?  Yep, that doyen of a tidy hospital, Anita Ward and her classic: You Can Ring My Bell

Not nearly cool as fellow blogger Sue Pook’s re-writing of The Stranglers’ No More Heroes with the words ‘No more chemo anymore’ but you have got to love a bit of disco.  So from here on Things Can Only Get Better.  Bear with me as it is going to take some time to return to what passes for normal around here.  Several months it would appear *Boo, Hiss* but I will get there in the end.  Hurrah!  Thank you for all your support.  It would have been unimaginably hard without you.


15 thoughts on “Hearing the Fat Lady Sing!

    1. It works brilliantly!! And you’ve gone my post chemo body shape perfectly 😀 I must confess to being a little surprised by the tale too, but there we go. Diet starts in about a month …


      1. Ha! No implication that it was you intended – just you’d already mentioned the Fat Lady singing, so I thought a Fat Croc dancing was quite appropriate 🙂
        ps. thanks for the mention and the link – don’t think anything I’ve ever done has been referred to as ‘cool’ before!

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  1. Am so happy for you. The sun is shining for you today . Thanks for your up dates and blog about the chemo ‘journey’ !! I hate that expression but it seems apt here. I had a student nurse out with me yesterday and was telling her about you and your staff introduction experience- she had heard of the ‘hello my name is’ campaign so hopefully word is spreading . Very very important. Hope you ring lots of bells today xxxx

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  2. Helen…….YIPPEE YES WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!! I’ll ring any bell I see for you!!!

    At last you can relax and enjoy some time with your hubby & get back to what you love doing most- creating your wonderful foraged jams & chutneys, enjoying the canal paths & journeys & then do some more firsts on your bucket list !

    You should consider having your blog turned into a book as it is an amazing piece of writing. Honest, sad & humorous. I think it will be a best seller! It will give anyone affected by breast cancer a great insight into life during diagnosis,treatment & beyond.

    Andy must be so proud of you & he has been an amazing rock for you to lean on too.

    I will now go & toast you with a glass of vino & Russ my hubby will have the gin you so like as we listen to Anita Ward as we so like a bit of disco & from now on it will be your song!!!

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