Home Straight


Today I meant to take The Doc a card.  A sort of Thank You for Poisoning me card.  Only the shops do not make those.  So I have fashioned my own.  Only I forgot it.  I was giddy with the excitement of going out on my own.  Today has been the only day this cycle that I have felt well enough to do this.  What better way to celebrate my wellness than a trip to the hospital?  Hmm.

First up was my vampiric experience.  My phlebotomist was the one I encountered on one of my first trips.  Previously she had been very effusive in her praise over my appearance.  Not so much today.  You could be forgiven for thinking that chemo has taken its toll.  One thing was certain, my veins are struggling.  Blood was found but it was more than a little tricky at first.  On the whole, my blood results have been good throughout my treatment.  My white cells have wobbled at times and once came close to preventing my next dose but then bounced back of their own accord.  They are well below normal levels but generally quite acceptable for chemo levels.  My liver function tests (LFTs) have also wobbled a bit too.  I think the drugs are giving my liver a bit of a pounding.  Thankfully this amazing organ is repairing itself in time for the next assault although each time I get knocked down a little further.

Because of this, and because of the side effects during this cycle The Doc has decided to drop the 5FU from my cocktail.  I think this means for my final treatment, I will not get to mimic Father Jack anymore.


No more shouts of ‘FEC off!’ to all and sundry.  And no more playing with my pet brick *sigh*.  ‘EC off!’ just does not quite cut it, does it?  However, the heartland of Yorkshire should welcome me to their bosom.  Not only did I spend I fair percentage of my childhood in various Yorkshire locations, not only does my Mother currently live in God’s own country, not only was my sister born under the emblem of the White Rose but I can now sit in my chair and exclaim, ‘By ‘EC as like!’ I can even do it in a passably appropriate accent.  In my heart I will always be a Lancashire lass, but for the purposes of getting through tomorrow, I claim temporary Yorkshire citizenship.



6 thoughts on “Home Straight

  1. We’ll forgive you for claiming Yorkshire citizenship for one day at least! Ourselves being bona fide dyed in the wool ” ‘Ey up hows ta dooin lass?” Lancastrians.
    Na then, weer did aw put thad reight grond red rose? ;-0

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  2. So the ends in sight. Does that mean you will stop your blog? I have been amazed at each and every one. You are a marvel, you should write a book. You are an inspiration to all of us. Bless you Helen, Love cx

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