Chocolate Atrocity


Scene: Kitchen, early evening amidst post birthday party debris.

Me: That was nice, wasn’t it?

Cap’n: It was.  Very.

Contented sighs emanate from both parties

Me: The food went down well.

Cap’n:  It did.

Me: Especially the chocolate coated strawberries.

More contented sighs

Me: D’you know what?

Cap’n: No, what?

Me: I really fancy some chocolate.  Shall we eat the leftover dipping chocolate?  It’s in the fridge.

Eerie silence

Cap’n:  Ah.  I didn’t think you still wanted it …


Didn’t.  Think.  I.  Still.  Wanted.  It.  That would be CHOCOLATE we’re talking about, yes?  The CHOCOLATE I was prepared to share.  And yet he still lives …


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