Go on, Leave Me Breathless


Who knew?  It is not so much love that is leaving me breathless, rather it is chemo.  I suspect this is not going to set the songsmiths on fire in quite the same way though.  But the upside could be another string to my bow.  Another way of earning a crust.   I would currently be perfect for a certain telephone entertainment industry.

On the whole, this cycle has not been too bad so far.  I have had all the usual.  Extreme knackeredness?  Check.  Utter crapness?  Check.  Borderline head explosion-itis?  Check.  Achy breaky hurting?  Check.  On top of that there have been a few interesting moments.  The back issue.  The vein issue.  And most delightfully of all, the chemical blues.

Alongside that delightful package have been some fabulous moments.  Mainly meeting up with friends.  These times have been more precious than I can express.  I am crap at planning them.  Unable to predict how well I will be.  Entirely likely to be utterly spent after only an hour.  But they have made the difference.

And while the Captain may not be responsible for my current state of breathlessness, not even the frequent fluttering of my heart, he has provided me with another definition of what love is:

Love is … rubbing heart shaped squirts of hirudoid cream into chemo burned veins

3 thoughts on “Go on, Leave Me Breathless

  1. Bless him! We can always see things differently when we reframe …

    We’re almost in Birmingham now, and will be in the area for the foreesable future, so hope to be one of the ‘visiting friends’ soon.

    Arohanui xxx

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