It was inevitable that it would come to this.  That my back means sitting is more problematic has only meant I have given in sooner.  I am now incapable of managing a day without some sort of nap.  My excuse is that it is physio orders.  You see, lying side to side is better than sitting.  Lying on my stomach would be even better but that is unacceptable in the breast department.  Would you believe I still have bruises?  Rude.  So side to side it is.  And of course I fall asleep.

I would like to say I awake refreshed.  But I do not.  The dark shadows under my eyes remain unchanged and I have no more spring in my step than before.  It is all rather irritating.  Especially falling asleep when not wanting to.  I intended to watch Murray’s game yesterday.  I made it to the start of the third set and two hours later the Captain found me dead to the world with the BBC still streaming through my laptop and my glasses somewhat skewed across my face while I drooled and snored in oblivion.

The good news is my back is much improved.  I have a great deal more movement and the exercises are doing their job.  It is all I can do to manage the bare minimum but that is currently sufficing.  My veins are more of a worry.  On Saturday my arm swelled and several veins were clearly demarcated on the back of my hand and arm.  Phlebitis was a possibility but thankfully all is calm again.  They are very sore and the burning out process is clearly in progress.  I really need to keep this arm going as having a PICC line is not an option thanks to my stupid allergies.  Using my left arm is a bit like playing the lymphoedema version of Russian roulette so I would really rather not.  Because I have only had my sentinel lymph nodes removed my risk of developing lymphoedema is reduced from up to 53% to up to 17%.  Or a 1 in 6 chance.  The same odds as Russian roulette.  So obviously I am keen to avoid that.  Anything that increases the pressure or pierces the skin on that arm increases that risk.  As a result, my right arm simply has to keep going.  It has to.


3 thoughts on “Napping

  1. Mr Kemp is an expert in cannulating feet. He did it at the roadside for a motorcycle accident last year when the guy’s arms were all mashed up and the paramedics were at a loss. Shall I send him round?

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