Blackberry Picking


I have been taking my decision to doing more walking seriously.  And much to the Captain’s dismay, no leads have been involved.  It has helped that the weather has been so good.  Last week we managed to visit not one but two National Trust properties and chalked up over 6000 steps at each.  Given that seven days previously a mere 250 steps left me gasping for breath, I was pretty chuffed with this.  True, I needed a rest day after these performances which feels a bit pathetic.  But that is just how it is.

Today, we went blackberry picking.  Being something of a forager, this is as close to my day job as I get.  And it was wonderful.  Blue skies, slight breeze and fat jewel-like berries glistening in the sunshine.  We picked beside the canal so it really was a little piece of normality.  The only downside was the need to pick carefully.  Normally my hands look like they have been shredded.  And I spend the evening picking out prickles that have embedded themselves in my skin.  Today I was very cautious.  The last thing I need is a blackberry acquired infection.

I am shocked by the fatigue that is continuing to creep up on me.  It is not much fun having it poleaxe me on a regular basis.  Particularly as it seems to disrupt my sleep too.  Yeah, that makes no sense to me either.  On the whole, I have felt well for more days this cycle than last I think.  My first week was rough, but thereafter it has really just been exhaustion that has been the major issue.  I do struggle with sore eyes, sweating/hot flushes, indigestion and sore veins but these too will pass.


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