Bouncing back

rough week

I am not sorry THAT week is over.  For reasons that I do not completely understand this week has been, erm, interesting.

The initial side effects were much like they have been all along.  Nausea still under control, phew.  But the rest – the aches, the sweating, the hot flushes, indigestion, bloating, general unwellness – they were all magnified.  And as for the fatigue.  Oh.  My.    There was a point on Sunday when I was eating lunch and my jaw was just too tired to keep working.  And I was eating soup.

However, what has been a lot more interesting has been my rate of recovery.  This time in cycle 2 I was still feeling pretty rubbish.  Currently I am definitely tired.  I fall asleep a lot.  I am low on stamina.  But I made it to the Becoming Bendy class yesterday.  And generally I feel pretty well.

On the whole I would say this is a good thing.  I’ll take more intense side effects for a shorter period.  Of course, it could all change next month, but for now, this is good.


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