Self control

The Captain is sick.  He woke with a sore throat.  ‘It’s because I’ve been snoring,’ he said.  How did he know, I wondered.  There followed a comical scene where I tried to examine his tonsils and he did his best to obstruct the view by contorting his tongue into all manner of implausible positions.  He says this was involuntary.  I am inclined to believe him.  But that is because I am kind.  I used to be a nurse, you know.  I am trained.

By lunch time his It’s Because I’ve Been Snoring sore throat had got worse.  He was also coughing and sneezing.  ‘It’s because I have hay fever,’ he said.  ‘Hmm,’ I replied.

By tea time he was snoozing on the kitchen sofa next to me, a hankie clutched at the ready.  His It’s Because I Have Been Snoring and Have Hay Fever sore throat had not abated.  I turned his head away from me.  Tonight I have banished him to the spare room.

I dislike being so paranoid.

In side effects news I have new symptoms to report: achy knees!  How bizarre is that?  I even resorted to a hot water bottle yesterday which did not help my other new symptom.  Sweating.  Unbelievable, head to foot, drenching sweats.  I am sure they are related to the absence of oestrogen but it would seem that chemo three has danced on that parade and cranked up the handle several notches.  Otherwise, apart from the usual tiredness, indigestion and wind related incidents I am fine.  So far.


2 thoughts on “Quarantine

  1. You are inspirational. I haven’t commented before as others are far more eloquent. Thinking of you.
    And my hubby always has “It’s not a cold” !
    In my prayers.


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