Feeling Wiggy

Wig 2

Having had some success with my proper wig, I have decided to embrace the opportunity for wig wearing.  After all, why not?

Although free to me thanks to the NHS, I am quite sure my proper wig was not at all cheap.  But believe me, it is possible to spend a great deal on even more marvellous wigs.  However, it is amazing what one can find at the seriously cheap end of the market.  I am now the proud owner of four full wigs: one proper and three coloured; and a fringe wig.


Did you even know such a thing as a fringe wig even existed?  No?  Nor did I until recently.  The idea is that it is worn with a scarf (see bottom row centre photo) to create the illusion of hair underneath.  I must admit it is quite convincing and having been secured with a little self adhesive velcro, felt very secure.  It is a lot cooler than a full wig and seemed like a good option if hair is essential but it is frankly too hot to wear a proper wig.  Unattached it looks more than a little weird.  Like a giant’s eye lashes.  But hey, I look pretty weird at the moment so who am I to judge?  Incidentally, chest wigs, eyebrow wigs and all manner of other wigs are also available.  Not that I have succumbed to them.

The coloured wigs were the result of an afternoon with a computer and too much time on my hands.  But I LOVE them!  The Union flag one means that I am, of course, Olympic ready.  The red one I adore.  I have always longed for long wavy red hair so could not resist the opportunity to try it out.  Long wavy red nylon hair, it has to be said, is not quite what I had in mind and I am unable to wear this for long periods before becoming far too irritated by it.  However the bright blue one has already been seen out in public.  I wore it to our local Co-Op on Saturday and then drove to Shrewsbury in it.  They are all a great deal of fun and at no more than £5.99 each did not break the bank.  I just need to wait for some cooler weather to wear them.  In this heat, I fear the nylon would melt.


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