Aiming to be Bendy


This could be me in a few days.  Seriously.  I have signed up for a Cancer & Yoga class.  I do not think we take our cancer out and contort it into implausible positions but it is a thought.  No.  Rather it is billed more as a Gentle Stretching for The Incapable Among Us.  Or something like that.  I am quite looking forward to it.  I have long been told I need to do yoga or pilates or some such thing as I have no balance and little core stability.  For example, I cannot stand one leg.  Or rather, I can only stand one leg while leaning against something.  The days of giving my impersonation of standard lamp have lapsed.  I did revive this performance only yesterday for a one woman audience but it was a sad shadow of its former self.

The Cancer & Yoga class is happening at my local Cancer Support Centre.  Who knew such a place existed?  I have only recently discovered it.  For a small fee I enrol and am entitled to all manner of classes and whatnot.  I also get access to even more complementary therapies than I am already currently in receipt of.  I suspect the yoga class is the only thing I will do regularly as everything does involve a further fee.  My hope is that the stretching will help with the very taut muscles left in my back following my surgery.  Periodically they become quite uncomfortable and I really need to do something about them.  The class meets on a Wednesday which is theoretically my best day of the week.  I am hoping to be back from seeing The Doc in time for me to start this week.

Meanwhile, I have been a tad busy.  Hence the silence.  My Mum came down for a few days which was lovely.  She has been itching to get her hands on me since I started chemo and finally all things came together.  As always she was a whirling dervish of maternal care and energy.  I have also been relishing my ‘good week’.  I visited a friend in Shrewsbury yesterday (bliss!) and the Captain & I celebrated our wedding anniversary a week early.  I shall be somewhat in disposed come the actual day so we had a fabulous lunch together on Friday while I was still able – carpe diem and all.  What has struck me this time around is how much tireder I am getting.  After a day of activity I have been too tired to do anything.  Even write.  And that is so not like me!


4 thoughts on “Aiming to be Bendy

  1. Well done, yoga is so good and will definitely improve your flexibility and maybe balance too! But the relaxation is worth going for if nothing else! Take a blanket to wrap up in at the end.
    Thinking of you always x


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