Knitted Knockers


Who would have thought it?  There is a magical group of women who provide the most amazing and generous service to any and all who have had one or both breasts removed.  They are Knitted Knockers UK and really are a fabulous group who should be trumpeted from the rooftops.

Having read one of my holiday posts bemoaning the weight of my fake boob, a friend got in touch asking if I had heard of Knitted Knockers.  I knew it was possible to knit such things but as the cardigan I began in the 1970s for my Knitters Badge in Brownies remains unfinished to this day, I rather felt knitting a wooly bosom was beyond me.  Fortunately, however, these knockers do not come in kit form.  Rather, you supply your measurements, make a few choices – colour, knit/crochet, nipple – and a lovely person begins to knit.  For you.  Especially for you.  And the whole thing is absolutely free.  I am going to repeat that.  The whole thing is absolutely FREE.  It is ‘a gift from one woman to another’ and is ‘made will love and filled with hope’.

My order went in at an especially busy time but I still received the finished article within a month.  My package arrived with not only my very own knocker but a knitted butterfly key ring fob, spare filling, a packet of love heart sweets and a small note.  The whole lot was then wrapped in tissue paper and tied with ribbon.  It was a delight to receive.

I have been very tardy in writing this post because it has taken me a long time to test drive my knocker.  I can now reveal that it is going to be very successful.  Since my lamentations of prosthesis weight, I have been almost exclusively wearing a ‘softie’ given to me by the hospital.  This is a exactly what it sounds like: a soft, fabric prosthesis filled with stuffing that weighs nothing and is much more comfortable than my proper one.  However, it does not have the best shape and tends to dimple as the stuffing moves about.  The knitted knocker has all the advantages of the softie and gives a much better appearance.  I ordered one with a nipple which, if I had my time again, I would not do.  As the Captain put it, ‘I see your left breast is excited at seeing me!’   Because my real nipple is not permanently standing to attention it does rather draw attention to the other one.  But this is easily addressed.  I have not yet decided how, but I will do.  It is also going to take a little time to sort out the correct amount of stuffing.  The really good news is that once settled upon, the stuffing is not going to move about like it does in the softie.

So, all in all, this was a fabulous discovery and I am thrilled to have had my attention drawn to them.  If anyone reading this fancies knitting for them, I believe they are always on the look out for knitters.


5 thoughts on “Knitted Knockers

  1. I have just requested one of these as I’m not impressed with the NHS standard issue softie that I was told to take some stuffing out of if it didn’t fit 😟 What a lovely thing these ladies are doing at such a stressful time.


  2. I had seen these, but I’m so pleased that another of your friends was much better than me at getting on and doing something about it.


  3. Today I used my swimming knitted knocker for the first time; the first time swimming in fact since my mastectomy. Instead of feeling self conscious about my shape, I felt and looked ‘normal’ thanks to the kindness of these wonderful knitters. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.


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