A Bit Breezy


We have been having a lot of weather in our house.  As in A Lot.  It is like we have our very own weather system.  And it revolves entirely around gusts of wind.  Seriously, hurricane warnings ought to be issued.  Along with gas masks.  The Captain swears things have been so bad that he has felt the ground shake.  We are thinking of renaming our house Trumpington Towers.  And of course that would make me Lady Trumper of Trumpington Towers which must no doubt be located in Trumpton.

Somewhat surprisingly, this was a side effect that I was not expecting.  I had done extensive research and all that I had discovered mentioned was ‘the occasional burp’.  Occasional my arse!  This has been in industrial strength proportions.  And less of the more socially acceptable burping.  What is more, those I have dared to mention it too have all guffawed in recognition and reported similar experiences.  Well, thank the Lord I have pretty much been in social isolation.  Apart from the Captain.  Pity him.  I have not been showering him in blessings this week.

Unrelated to the excessive wind, unless it really has been bad enough to blast my skin off, my feet are suffering.  I knew my skin would dry out and I have been slapping on copious quantities of parabens free moisturiser.  This week the skin on my feet is beginning to slough off.  At the moment it is just the hard dry skin.  I am hoping it stays that way.


2 thoughts on “A Bit Breezy

  1. That must make you a relative of Windy Miller, Lady Trumpington. No wonder the hurricanes are blowing. Have you thought of harnessing the energy to save on fuel bills?
    Better out than in must be the advice here xx


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