Crowned with Cheerfulness


Everyone loves a competition, right?  Especially if you do not have to do anything other than be nominated.  Even more especially if you go on to be one of the winners.  Oh yes indeedy.  I am a winner!  Thanks to the lovely people at Cheerfully Given and one of my fabulous Facebook friends.  All I had to do was look winsome (or was it sassy?) with my bald pate and loud lippy in an attempt to perfect the I-may-be-having-chemo-but-really-I-look-fine look.  And I am thrilled to the tips of my red painted tippy toes.

The competition slash give-away was organised on Cheerfully Given’s Facebook page.  Every month they run Cheer a Chum and ask for nominations ‘to bless some of your dear chums with a thoughtful gift‘.  I had a choice of three gifts to choose from but, despite my metal allergies, opted for the above Victor’s Crown made by the very talented (and as it turns out, local!) Bloom Jewellery.  It is a black leather cord bracelet with a tiny sterling silver crown threaded onto it.  Inspired by Isaiah 35:10, it comes with the bible verse printed out reading:

The people the Lord has rescued will come back singing as they enter Zion.  Happiness will be a crown they will always wear.  They will shout because all sorrows and worries will be gone far away.

I love this.  I do not believe it is a promise that the Lord, or King Jesus (see what I did there?  Another crown reference), will rescue me, or any of us, in a manner of our choosing.  I do not see it necessarily as a promise of healing.  I see it as a promise that ultimately, in the words of the lovely Julian, ‘All shall be well’.  Or in the words of the equally lovely Teresa, ‘God alone suffices’.  Whether Zion of the bible verse is here on earth or with King Jesus in Heaven, I do not know.  Either way, Happiness is a crown I shall choose to wear daily.  And my beautiful bracelet will be the perfect reminder of that.  Instead of wearing it, I shall dangle it from my bedroom mirror where I will see it on rising.

The only time it will appear on my wrist!

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