Anyone for Tennis?

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No, I have not suddenly found the zippity part of my do-dah day.  But I am feeling a little more spritely.  There is nothing like watching wall to wall sport to make one feel quite perky.  Actually, this is a new discovery.  Sports do not greatly feature in our household.  We make exception for international football and rugby but Wimbledon is when sports fever really takes hold.  It says something that on realising my second chemo happened during week one of Wimbledon, I was really quite pleased.  It is the perfect excuse to sit glued to the television.

Even our television has noticed the increase in viewing hours.  Several times now, a notice has flashed across the screen announcing ‘This television will go into standby mode in 60 seconds.  Hit any key on remote to continue watching.’  How it manages to display this while exuding condemnation is a mystery.  I am being judged by a piece of audio visual equipment.  It is a sanctimonious set.  But I do not care.  I shall wallow in my watching and gloat in my gazing.  For Wimbledon is but once a year.

Today I have relished the Federer / Cilic match and exhausted myself to Murray and Tsonga.  Now Wales are playing Portugal in Euro 2016 so I am embracing my one eighth Welshness and cheering them on.  Perhaps if my Welsh blood were stronger they would be doing better.  The score is currently Portugal 2 Wales 0.

From all this, you will gather that I am much improved on the previous couple of days.  The pattern seems to be that days 4 to 6 are challenging in the energy department.  This is helpful to know as forewarned is forearmed etc. etc.  Today I made it out of the house.  I took my wig fringe on an outing.  We went first to Aldi and then to the GP’s.  Such excitement.  The outings may have been dull but the fringe was something of a success.  Cooler than a wig but still involving hair.

Photo on 06-07-2016 at 11.36 #2


4 thoughts on “Anyone for Tennis?

  1. Congratulations to you and your fringe for having such a successful day! Hope you will be going out together more often as great combination .
    Keep enjoying the strawberries and cream which of course you need with your centre court seat xx


  2. I’m just so thrilled that you haven’t mentioned nausea. I assume that the extreme exhaustion was a trade off, drug wise. Nigel says Wales fought bravely to the last. Good thing it was sport, not war.


  3. You look beautiful! Glad to hear you feel better too! No mention of nausea – but are you still enjoying the ginger tea? Xx


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