Hair Soup

bubble bath

I love this picture.  That it depicts a woman washing a man is only a slight distortion of the facts of our household this morning.  Our bath is not under the washing line either.  We are posh enough to have indoor plumbing these days.  However, my morning ablutions did require assistance today.  And it was the Captain that came to my aid.  For which both I the postman are truly grateful.  Since he was the only other person who called at the house today.  We may never have received post again if I had dragged him into my bathroom.

I have been steadily shedding the stubble leftover from the Great Shave and for the past three days this has stepped up a notch.  It is amazing just how much one head can hold.  While I do quite like the slaphead look I have been tucking my head away for two reasons: a) it has been unseasonably cold and b) it has helped to contain the fallout.  This morning on waking, the contents of my sleep cap suggested things had gone up a gear.  I got into the bath, gave my head a bit of a gentle rub and the amount that promptly fell out was astounding.  Think herd of lemmings on speed.  The more I tried to rinse the bits away, the more they fell out.  The Captain ended up coming to my assistance as my arms were pathetically achy.  He rinsed me off and then showered me down as I left the grey hairy bathwater in my wake.

The look I am left with is not the sassy bald pate I was hoping for.  I still, temporarily, have smatterings of stubble but not enough to disguise the fact that my head is white.  As in milky white.  The kind of milky white that comes from radioactive cows and glows in the dark.  This would not be so bad if my face matched.  But thanks to my recent holiday, that now boasts a healthy glow.  So I look like I have over applied a too dark foundation.  My only hope lies in trying to gain a little more sun which given the summer’s recent performance could be more than a little challenging.


2 thoughts on “Hair Soup

    1. I so shouldn’t be trusted with such products, Sue! However, I may investigate a tinted moisturiser – finding a parabens free one may prove interesting 😉


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