Second time around


Yesterday’s trip for my second lot of poisoning took longer than the first.  I was on the unit for about 4 hours this time.  This was ok.  They were very busy and I had no prior claims on my time.  My cannulation was just as smooth as last time but my vein was a little more troublesome.  Shy, if you will.  It did co-operate in the end but it was touch and go for while.

My revised cocktail of antiemetics is certainly having an impact.  The nausea is vastly improved.  I am falling asleep at the drop of a hat too.  Which is no bad thing.  I basically feel like I have been put through a mangle so anything to escape is good.  Currently the sedative properties of these drugs are in contention with the jitteriness of the steroids so I am bouncing in a very lethargic manner.  Think Duracell bunny on valium and caffeine.  I shall be glad when I resume comatose.  Fortunately I have my ginger hamper to nibble upon and Wimbledon to watch on the tele.  And I am now equipped with the knowledge that this too will pass.


3 thoughts on “Second time around

  1. Hi Helen,

    Having been following your blog for a while I thought it was about time to actually wish you and Andrew well in dealing with this horrible disease and its treatment.

    Incidentally my sister is a ginger addict. Her favourite drink is in sachets – Instant Ginger Drink by Gold Kili. I’ve no idea where to get it, but would inquire if you are interested.

    God Bless

    Mary Litchfield – BCF and nbKew


  2. Glad to hear the poison is going down better this time. Enjoy Wimbledon and rest all you need, knowing next week will be better.
    Lots of love xxx


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