A Visit to The Doc – Day 21

Visit to Dr

Today’s hospital visit turned out to be long.  We long ago established that I am over efficient in the arriving early department when it comes to clinic appointments.  Today was no different.  Actually, cancel that.  It was different.  This time I had permission to be early.  You need a blood test, they said.  Come early, they said.  So I did.  And was greeted with the following notice:

Patients seeing The Doc need to be aware that his clinic is running approximately one hour late

I arrived early.  He was running late.  Excellent.  Still, the blood letting took longer than expected so that filled some time.  My veins were not playing today.  Which was a shame because the vampire stabbing me was effusive in her praise: ‘You are looking lovely today,’ ‘Your scarf is fantastic, did you tie it yourself?’ (I did ponder whether I could get away with, ‘No, I accosted a passing stranger and forced them do it’ but thought probably not), ‘I love that shade of lipstick!’ and finally ‘That’s a great top, where did you get it?’ (Matalan.  I shop in all the best places, don’t you know.)  On the whole, I think she liked me.  Which made it rather embarrassing that my veins were feeling shy.

Once I finally got to see The Doc, he looked mortified when I gave account of my nausea etc.  A pharmacist was summoned and a new cocktail has been prescribed.  I did a lot of smiling and nodding during this consultation.  I cannot remember for the life of me what has been agreed upon.  As luck would have it, I do not have to wait long to find out!  My blood tests show my cells have recovered sufficiently for the next round of poisoning to begin.  This time tomorrow I will be feeling grim but one third of my treatment will be completed.  Good news indeed.


6 thoughts on “A Visit to The Doc – Day 21

  1. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope the nausea cocktail does the trick and that you feel better than last time- guess it couldn’t have been much worse anyway but you know what I mean. Xx


  2. Try some visualisation techniques tomorrow; imagine all drug cocktails are replaced with Gun cocktails and they might go down a bit more easily. And imagine that Gin bottle waiting to celebrate the end of it all!
    Hope symptoms are much less this time.
    Finally remember, you are Wonder Woman, you have Super Powers; May the Force be with you and your pants xxx


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