Preparation – Days 19 & 20


As I suspected, the weekend has taken its toll.  I.  Am.  Knackered.  This is a tad irritating, but I standby my ‘It was worth it‘ attitude.  I still managed to press on with most of my planned activities, although a theatre trip had to be postponed.

As well as catching up with friends, these two days have been all about preparing for the next week of incapacity.  Now I have some idea of how being poisoned affects me, I can better plan.  The Captain is pretty good in the holding the fort stakes but he does appreciate guidance.  So I have drawn up a meal planned for the next ten days.  The shopping has been completed.  Most of the meals are done and in the freezer.  Those that need to be cooked fresh have all the ingredients to hand with the recipe, page number and book all listed.  This list is stuck firmly to the fridge door.

Besides meals, I have also prepared a series of easy to grab snacks for when I need to eat to keep the nausea at bay.  Ginger is an ever present theme.  I am well stocked with ginger snacks but you can never have too many so imagine my delight at having been given a ginger hamper 🙂 :


Just for completeness, for the past couple of days I have been troubled with sore eyes.  Sometimes they leak.  Sometimes they are dry.  Always they are sore.  It is not the end of the world.  But neither is it pleasant.  And today, I am back with the sore scalp.  The whole lemming like hair situation seemed to slow up a bit once the Great Shave had happened.  We could debate whether this was down to the lack of weight pulling on the follicles.  Or we could assume my follicles had had a change of heart.  Whatever the reason, this reprieve has been temporary.  All things hair like are plummeting once again.

Finally, today, I have been reflecting on the whole of this first cycle.  Tomorrow I see The Doc for a check up.  I have collated a list of my most troublesome side effects to discuss with him.  In particular I am hoping for some improving in my nausea management.  And in the management of my exploding bottom.  So, in The Doc we trust.


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