Feeling Great – Day 12

1940s womens - hair turbans - glamourdaze

Having gone for the shorn look yesterday I woke this morning sans headache, sans itchy scalp and feeling well.  Sorry, I will just emphasise that again.  I woke up feeling well.  As in not ill.  As in without sickness.  It is precisely 12 days since that happened.  I lay there for a moment just to take it in.  And then had to leap out of bed as the need of my bladder was becoming too pressing!

I had slept with a sleep cap on – a small stretchy cotton beanie.  Advisable, because while I have had my head shaved, I still have stubble.  And it is still going to fall out.  Wearing the beanie at least contains it.  Just as well, judging from the contents.  This morning’s bath water resembled the Captain’s shaving water – the tide mark was not pretty.  But is is so much more manageable now.

I had to go out today to collect an order from M&S so the debate about what to wear, if anything, upon my head had to be settled.  I started by applying make up.  I felt some decent lippy was in order if nothing else.  But I applied the nothing else too.  That done, I liked the effect and was very tempted to go out uncovered.  However, it was cold, and raining, and basically I chickened out.  For my first hairless trip, I decided a covering was in order.  I tried the wig.  And dismissed it.  Too hot.  And too, well, hairy.  Stray hairs kept floating over my face which was deeply irritating.  So I moved onto the scarves.  As time was moving on, I went with a bright red square scarf which I teamed with a polka dot navy & white headband simply because I knew how to tie that.

The outing was successful.  No one gawped.  No one tilted their heads at me.  No one did a double take.  I felt normal.  Which, let’s face it, does not happen every day.  I even felt confident enough to take on the Number 7 woman in Boots over their lack of parabens free cosmetics.  Bad Boots.  So, next time, no scarf?  We shall see.

Once home, I did some more experimenting.  The results:



6 thoughts on “Feeling Great – Day 12

  1. So glad its been such a better day. Lots of fun experimenting it would seem. My favourite are on the bottom row but as Kate says – you look great in them all. xxx


  2. Pleased you are feeling so much better, we can have some fun at the weekend while you’re still on a high!
    Loving the red lippy and bright scarves, Mrs Scarf Tying expert!
    Avoid pastels, too wishy washy and stick to your best colours.
    Like the two tone contrasts best.
    Keep having fun with your creative side as you are looking gorgeous on it.
    Hope the Prosecco arrived with the clippers!


  3. Hold tight, I’m posting you a hijab. An authentic one from the middle east obviously. Lol. You are gorgeous my lovely so whatever you wear you look beautiful. Xxx


  4. All look stylish and totes fab! Love the bold coloured ones best. The red lippy is a must and your gorgeous bone structure, lovely neck and great skin are all enhanced by the look. What about a cute trilby too – that was our Graces choice of headgear and they always look fun and trendy. Go for felt or soft fabric – the straw or other woven types too scratchy !! Lots of love – and so glad you felt WELL!! Xxxx


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