Slaphead – Day 11

Hair cut

Today the Serious Delinquent came home from galavanting across the country.  For which I was truly grateful.  She was as good as her promise and came round with the clippers and scissors as soon as I asked.  You see, this morning I woke at 4am with my scalp on fire and my head dully throbbing.  I dozed until a more civilised time and then lifted my head off the pillow with some trepidation.  There were definitely more hairs there than usual.  By the time I had my morning bath, the water was beginning to resemble hair soup.  So the locks had to go.

So far, I feel ok about this.  As soon as the bulk of my hair was gone, my headache lifted.  And now, there will be no more looking to see if I have less hair.  It is gone.  It is no more.  It is an ex hair do.  Tomorrow I shall begin messing about with head coverings.  For now, I shall just be relieved that my head does not appear to be too lumpy.

IMG_5274 2


4 thoughts on “Slaphead – Day 11

  1. What a beauty! Hairless wonder shows that you have nothing to hide Helen. Bold in beauty and spirit. Any other bald lies in that shadow xx


  2. Hi Helen I just wanted to let you know that even though I don’t often put comments on your blog, I am following you on your journey and praying for you and wishing you well. Thank you for writing in such an open, frank and straight from the heart way. It is good for those of us who as yet (and hopefully never), have had to go through your current ordeal to have a bit more of an insight as to what it is really like, as so many people put on a happy face mask and just say they are fine, when clearly that is not the case.It has already made me think about some of my practice at work. Take care dear friend. Oh, and by the way….you still look beautiful ☺

    Love and God bless Ali xx

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