A Bit of Slap – Day 10

make up

I am not known for piling on the slap.  It is a bit of a high days and holidays affair for me.  For that I blame my 2010 accident.  Up until then I was quite happy wearing make up pretty much whenever I got out of bed.  But a close encounter with a pile of railway sleepers and our drive left me more in need of make up than ever but less able to use it.  Six years and five surgeries later (facial that is, we won’t count my boob jobs.  I’ve never been inclined to slap the cosmetics around there anyway), I have permanent nerve damage and chronic neuralgia.  For these reasons, I tend to avoid touching my face.  Which means I have favoured the Au Naturel look of late.

This is all very well when it is possible to get away with it.  But once my hair has taken the kamikaze plunge, my eyebrows & lashes have followed suit and my skin is looking more Morticia Adams than Nigella Lawson, I rather think I may have to take all the help I can get.  As with the suncream and toiletries, I am choosing to avoid make up with parabens to minimise the risk of absorbing these oestrogen disrupting chemicals.  This has not been easy, especially as I am on something of a budget and parabens are cheap.  However, today I got my act together and went shopping.

This is actually big news.  Mainly because it is the first day since chemo one that I have felt well enough to do something that was not absolutely essential.  The original plan for the day had been to visit a National Trust property and wander around splendid gardens enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  But the air today is a little too fresh and the sunshine notable by its absence.  So our thoughts turned indoors.  Given that I am likely to be neutropenic at the moment the Captain vetoed my suggestion of visiting the big city indoor shopping metropolis.  I was all gung ho with enthusiasm.  He was not.  It has more to do with his aversion to shopping than with any infection risk methinks.  He still took me shopping.  Just to more of a high street than a mall.  And I found good ol’ M&S!  Why they do not trumpet this, I will never understand but much of their Autograph make up range is parabens free.  And currently on offer.  Hurrah!

This little venture has not poleaxed me either, which is very pleasing.  I am a tad on the lightheaded side and I woke with a dull headache.  The indigestion has been kicked into touch by the adjustment of my meds and the explosions in the bottom department seem to have settled down.  All in all, day ten is proving to be the best day yet.

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