Fire in the Belly – Day 8


The indigestion, it seems, has come to stay.  Perhaps this should not be a surprise.  Although in my Ever The Optimist fashion I was rather hoping I had got away without it.  My particular cocktail of poison is inclined come along with a side helping of acid reflux and given that I am prone to this, I guess it was inevitable *sigh*.  It is probably noteworthy that my worst side effects are all digestive in nature: nausea (annoyingly still a problem.  Though not an issue.  Fortunately), diarrhoea, and now indigestion.  Make of that what you will.

Of course, this all meant another phone call to the Chemo Hotline.  I got to speak to the same nurse I talked to on Sunday which was really rather lovely.  After various cogitations and confabs it was decided that I should simply double my existing medication.  And I am all for simple.

Despite the lack of sleep, I felt decidedly ‘me’ like for most of the day.  I am at my most vulnerable to infection now and will be for the next week as my blood cells struggle to get themselves back into shape.  Because of this, I will be avoiding crowded places and large groups of people.  I thoroughly dislike this as I have always been one to ignore infection in the past.  Just not wise now.

Today’s treat was watching the England match with my son and his fiancée.  Both my offspring in two days, I am blessed indeed 🙂


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