Day 6

hair loss

I feel I should begin by saying I have no intention to post every single day of my chemo treatment with what amount to little more than lists of my latest side effects and symptoms.  Because this is round one, I am interested in charting my progress to give me something of a baseline.  Of course, I will probably discover that this is no help whatsoever, but just at the moment, it feels like it might be.  And I have little else to do.

So on with my day.  It has been, on the whole, dull.  My scalp feels as if it is almost buzzing.  Like the sensation of having just removed a too tight swimming cap that has been worn too long.  At times it tips into being itchy.  The general hair care advice is to leave it alone as much as possible.  To wash it hardly at all, to brush it on high days and holidays only and to generally treat it with kid gloves.  Do this, and you may prolong its life.  I have a few problems with this advice.  Mainly, it is going to fall out.  However gently I treat it, as I have chosen not to use the cold cap (restricts the blood flow to scalp in an attempt to prevent the chemo drugs destroying the follicles but is patchy in its effectiveness and can cause headaches which I am prone), whatever I do it will fall out.  As it happens, my general hair care routine generally revolves around neglect but even so, Day 6 and the Great Shedding is only days away.

My biggest concern is that the Serious Delinquent, in charge of the clippers for when the need arises, is currently away!  Rude and thoughtless, tsk!  So my follicles need to hold tight for the better part of a week until her return.  Let us hope that the regular bathing of sweat my hair keeps receiving, encourages them to keep a firm grip.  I have no idea why this is happening.  My head has started sweating.  At times, profusely.  Nowhere else, just my head.  And not necessarily when I am hot.  Bizarre.

I am still silly tired which is getting to be annoying.  And I spoke a little too soon about not being nauseous.  However, today the Captain and I did have an outing.  We went to our local cathedral.  We did not linger.  The organ was being tuned.  We value our hearing.  A trip for another day.


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