Day 5


Today was a day I had heard a lot about on the chemo grape vine.  Oh yes.  There is one.  We talk you know.  Up until today, I have been taking steroids.  These pesky little blighters have been giving me the jitters and shaking me up a bit but they have almost certainly have given me energy too.  People talk about today leading to crashing energy levels and total exhaustion.  I was not looking forward to it.

But, I reasoned, it is only my first cycle.  Chemo is cumulative so I really should not be that exhausted yet.  Plenty of people manage to carry on pretty much as normal.  Many even keep working.

All I can say is: pants.  I.  Am.  Knackered.  I know it will get worse.  I know however tired I feel now, it is nothing compared to how I will feel after cycle 6.  But really, that knowledge is not helpful.  I have spent the day yawning.  Or half dozing.  I did make it out of the house briefly but nearly fell asleep in the car on the way home from buying a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread, 4 cheese scones and a pair of Sea Bands.  Just as well I wasn’t driving.

However, I am no longer nauseous!  Let joy be unconfined!  My mouth is less sore – more rejoicing.  And apart from the tiredness, I actually feel quite well again.  Hurrah!  This afternoon my scalp has been quite tingly which is the oddest sensation.  Whether that is a herald of the Great Shedding, or whether it is linked to my afternoon researching hair loss remains to be seen.  It does seem early.  But I have fine hair and apparently that tends to go sooner rather than later.  Day 5 seems a little early though.


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