British Birds – Day 4


OK, so this obsession with British birds is becoming tiresome.  I have had enough of Blue Tits and Robin Redbreasts and really thought I had exhausted the local bird population.  But no.  For now we are at home to Mrs Thrush.  Let joy be unrestrained.

I woke this morning feeling like the back of my throat had a trail of slime slowly oozing over it.  On further inspection I found two white spots looking suspicious.  My mouth and tongue were also sore so it was definitely time to test out the oncall phone number system.  Happy to report it worked brilliantly.  I spoke to the oncall chemo nurse who referred me to my GP out of hours service, having first checked that I was not in need of immediate admission for sepsis.  I then got a GP call back & appointment at the local Urgent Care Centre where we were seen very promptly.  Oral thrush diagnosed, prescription dispensed and we were on our way.  From first phone call to arriving back home, the whole thing took about two hours.  I tell you, this chemo cancer card gets you prompt treatment – a real VIP service!

The rest of the day has been notable only for the absence of nausea – hallelujah!  I am tired, bored, irritable, weepy and generally foul company but visitors would be welcome.  Ring first to check I am a) awake and b) in a fit state.


One thought on “British Birds – Day 4

  1. So sorry I can’t visit Helen but I will take you with me to a convent in Oxford where I am going for a week’s silent retreat!!! I would blog about that but we’re not allowed to take/use technology!!
    So glad the dear old NHS is treating you well and giving prompt service.


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