Chemo-sabe’s Day 3

side effects

I have so nicked this title from my mate.  I probably could not have punned that on a good day.  With all my neurones firing.  And today I confused ‘ordinarily’ with ‘normally’ when talking to the Captain:

How many jars of jam would you get with this recipe, I seem to have more than I expected?

Well, normarily I get about one more jar than you have.

Fortunately, he speaks fluent me, so we were good.  It even took a while for me to compute that I had conflated two words.

Today I have been grumpy.  And nauseous.  And tired.  And nauseous. And cold.  And did I mention nauseous?  I have been tired too.  Which is odd because given how much I have slept, I should have been gambolling about like a spring lamb.  I slept all night till 7am, then another 2-3 hours this afternoon.  And guess what?  I am still tired!  Where is this buzz I hear the steroids give you?  Actually, I do get that.  It is not pleasant.  More of a jitteriness than energy I have found.  I am managing the nausea better.  And I think it is improving.  Food is essential, little and often.  I shall be the size of a barrage balloon by the end of this with all the nibbling.  It feels very counterintuitive to eat but it definitely helps.  And all things ginger are a must.  Ginger beer, ginger nuts, ginger tea, ginger cordial, crystallised ginger, ginger water.  If it has ginger in it, then I’ll knock it back.

Today I was hoping to investigate the possibility buying some Sea Bands but forgot at first, then felt too lousy and then was asleep.  I should have just asked the Captain.  But I forgot to do that too.


4 thoughts on “Chemo-sabe’s Day 3

  1. Each day will improve, but the irony is just as you start to feel normal it all begins again.
    Listen to your body and don’t worry about what you should be feeling, just go with what you are feeling.
    What I admire in you is how you are so honestly expressing all your emotions. I hid a lot of mine and some of them are reemerging as I relate to many of yours. It sucks and nothing anyone says makes it better.
    But you will come through it and live your dream and treasure it even more. Big hugs and Gin kisses!


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