FEC-ing Dose 1


One down, five to go.

Things went well.  Cannula in first time, always a joy.  If you have ever had 2 anaesthetists simultaneously struggling to find veins in the past you will understand my euphoria.  Before the real poison could go up, I had some lovely tablets to take: Emend (antiemetic) and Dexamethasone (steroids).  Emend needed to be taken one hour prior to the IVs starting.  My arm was wrapped in a heat pad prior to cannulation to dilate the veins but was left that way to ease the passage of the drugs.  Within about thirty minutes of the Epirubicin starting (the bright red one in the photo) my mouth began to feel tacky.  Drinking lots is recommended anyway so that helped and I had brought along so sour sweets to suck too.  I began to feel muddle headed about an hour in and gave up reading.  Other than feeling weird, I felt ok all the while at the unit.  I was packed off with a small crate of take home goodies: three different types of antiemetics (it’s almost as if they’re trying to tell me something?); steroids; mouth wash.

Once home, I decided a kip was in order so took myself off to bed.  I dozed listening to The Winter’s Tale for an hour or so but got up in the end as I was beginning to ache and needed to move.  I now have a dull ache in my limbs and joints, and a tendency to shake.  I am nauseous but controllably so, phew.  I want no more medals from the Vomit Olympics thank you very much, nor does my  new kitchen need to be renamed the Vomitorium.  Generally, I feel like I am coming down with something.  But not the sort of something I have ever encountered before.

My plan is slob on the kitchen sofa, watching dvds, popping pills, sipping drinks, nibbling ginger biscuits until bedtime.  Then pray the steroids have worn off as I really want to sleep.  Is that too much to ask?  Maybe …


5 thoughts on “FEC-ing Dose 1

  1. Does feeling like you were hit by a bus spring to mind?
    Just can’t jump out of the way?
    Bringing back bad memories for me so wish I could wind the clock forward for you by 5 months my lovely.
    Pleased to hear no real problems though. Green and Blacks chocolate with ginger is a good post-chemo treat!
    Telepathic hugs to you xxx


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