Overdoing it


I have mentioned before that I have physio friends.  They will be cross with me.  Not because I have been skipping my exercises.  Rather because I seem to have overdone them.  From this you can tell that I am not exactly myself.  Safe to say, I am not known for over exercising.

For the past couple of days, I have been aware of an increase in tightness at the base of where my latissimus dorsi muscle was before it was re-appropriated.  It will pass, I thought.  It is because I am doing so well, I thought.  You are not bright, you will be thinking.  Not having much experience with the whole fitness and muscle malarkey, it did not occur to me that the increase tightness might just be a prelude to soreness.  Or pain.  Well, not pain so much as ouchiness.  And yes, that is a word.  I deem it so.  Following my second set of the I Must, I Must, I Must Improve My Bust exercises for today the tightness gave way a wincing ouchiness that is distinctly noticeable and a bit of a nuisance.  I gave the third set a miss and will engage more gently for a few days.

I suspect I have been too enthusiastic in my Reach-for-the-sky stretches.  It will be the keenness to get back into my disco routines that will have been my undoing:


3 thoughts on “Overdoing it

  1. Sounds like you may have over stretched in your eagerness to reach for the stars.
    Best to stick to the G and T glass lifting exercises only for today and allow the ouchiness to recover.
    Arnica cream rubbed into the back may help to ease the muscle soreness too.
    Don’t give up though!


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