Planning the Summer


This summer the Captain and I were to be taking to the waters.  We were to have left about ten days ago.  Our plan was to tootle about the Inland Waterways of England, drifting from canal festival to canal festival, selling our jam.  We would have picked and made as we cruised.  And apart from a short sojourn for a holiday celebrating the birthdays of some lovely friends, we were to be living aboard for six months.  The Captain has a sabbatical from work for this very purpose.  I appear to have screwed with the plan somewhat.

This ‘ere hoperation what I ‘ave just ‘ad, requires quite a long recovery period in the arm and shoulder department.  And while not certain, chemo is looking likely, so jam making for me is a bit off the radar.  As is boating for extended periods.  With a bit of luck, and no chemo, we will be able to pick up and carry on with an adapted plan.

As I am not able to jam, the Captain decided that I could teach him.  We have three freezers full of fruit, boxes of jars in need of filling, and empty shelves that should be groaning.  He is also unexpectedly time rich.  So today, I sat in my fabulous new kitchen, and directed proceedings.

What can I say?  The boy done good:



4 thoughts on “Planning the Summer

  1. LOVE new kitchen and always love those moments when i can watch someone else striving within it!!! He is most fabulous. Apron is fab too. Maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong….. too little wine 😉


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