Minor Retraction

Victorians (3)

I may have to issue a minor retraction on the comments about my new bra.  Only a minor one mind.  I still think it is hideously ugly.  And I still can only wear it with the sort of necklines a nun would approve of.  But, but, but … I have successfully worn it for two evenings out now, having made my own stuffing for the side that is lacking.  And it is not bad.  Not bad at all.  I may not be able to balance tea cups on my ‘shelf’ but I do at least have a ‘shelf’.  Its stuffing pockets offer a multitude of possibilities too.

The idea of secret pockets takes me right back to the knickers my Mum used to make for me.  Yes, that is right.  Pity me.  I grew like weed.  Far faster than I could be kept in dresses.  So knickers in matching fabric were fashioned to attempt to hide the far too quickly too short hem lines.  I am not convinced they were successful.  As a sop to make me want to wear them, Mum would sew a secret pocket into the outside of knickers.  For a five year old this was appealing.  But not so appealing that I ever liked them.

Enough of knickers.  I am more breast obsessed these days.  I have been inviting all sorts of people to cast their gaze over my newly evened up bust.  Bizarrely they seem somewhat taken aback by this.  I rather suspect Debrett’s does not mention how to respond to such an invitation.  But really, I am terribly pleased with the effect.

Currently, I am not sure how long I could wear the Nun Approved Bra for as my back and shoulder tend to ache after a while but for short bursts I am rather warming to it.


One thought on “Minor Retraction

  1. Oh Helen – I do love your observations on recovering from breast surgery. Keep them coming and may your cups be running over soon- in equal measure!!

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