Queen of the Road


It has been an age since I sat behind the wheel of a car.  Since before I embraced blue tits and had my sentinel node biopsied.  Which is really quite a long time ago.  My instructions from the hospital forbade me to drive for at least four weeks following my latest op.  However, since it was my left side that has been carved up, it was thought wiser to leave it a little longer.

Today I decided enough was enough.  I had a little jaunt planned.  Just the delivering of some jam to a National Hero.  And a wee trip in search of an egg basket.  It was not much.  But it was exciting.  You see, I do not get out much.

It was going well.  Forward was fine.  Right and left were also good.  Speeding up and slowing down, no problem.  Backwards was more of a challenge but I had little call for that.  Once the gear was in reverse it was ok, just getting it there was a tad tricky.  Still, I figured, I could just keep going forward and all would be well.  The trouble came when I was half way round Sainsbury’s.  I hit the exhaustion wall.  It was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other and get back to the car.

I ate some sandwiches, had a little doze, then drove home again.  Carefully.  Possibly a little much for my first day out but, man, it felt good to be independent again.


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