’72 baps, Connie, you slice, I’ll spread’

Victoria Wood
‘In India if a man dies the widow flings herself onto the funeral pyre … in this country the woman just says ’72 baps, Connie, you slice, I’ll spread’. Victoria Wood

I am so sad at the news of Victoria Wood’s death.  I feel I have grown up with her.  My life events, or at least the fodder for her stand up routines, were often only a step behind hers.  She was twelve years older than me.  Her children were born slightly later than mine but by the time she was using her experiences in stand up routines I had recently qualified as a midwife and then shortly after become a parent.  She made me feel it was normal to be so disorganised as a new mum that wearing toast in my hair was acceptable.  Which made me in turn, feel better about putting the fabric conditioner in the fridge and milk in the washing machine.  And almost better about leaving my then non-crawling eleven month old sitting on the roof of the car as I took the handbrake off and was about to drive away. Almost.

I careered from early parenthood straight into early menopause so was right on track once again for Victoria’s routines.  I did go down the HRT route but during the six months it took to get the dose right I had also had a Natural Alternatives to HRT book and felt like a six foot budgie as I chowed down vast quantities of indigestible seeds.

I have always felt a close affinity to her.  She made me laugh in a way that other comedians just did not.  I do not know whether it was her wit, her Lancashire roots, because she was a woman, because of her supreme talent or a combination of everything.  That she died too young from cancer has affected me more than I care to admit.

Rest in Peace Victoria, and thank you for laughter.


3 thoughts on “’72 baps, Connie, you slice, I’ll spread’

  1. Totally agree Helen. I remember seeing her live at the Hippodrome with Sue Middleton and Wendy Britnell. We laughed so much our ribs actually ached afterwards. Her comic timing and acute observations of life made me feel , like you , that it was normal to have a car interior that looked like a farm yard!! A great loss .


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