Nipples Aloft!


The keenly observant and nerdy among you will have a spotted a reference to the Archer’s there – one I have been dying to use but have had to wait until now!

This weekend the Captain and I had a long standing weekend planned with my bezzie mate and husband to celebrate both the men’s birthdays.  It was not at all clear whether I would be up to it but having already paid in full, I was loathed to waste the opportunity.  So Friday saw us set off with the car heavily laden with pillows, hot water bottles and other items that have now become essential equipment.

It is entirely possible that if I had realised just how arduous I was going to find the four hour journey, I may never have begun it.  My shoubsicle has reduced in size considerably as the swelling has decreased.  It is now far less rigidly stuck to my chest and has a great deal more mobility.  Given that I am still in less than supportive bras, this makes bumpy roads something of an ordeal.  They are an ordeal at the best of times but with the number of lacerations I have healing over my newly soft and bouncy mound, there was a great deal of wincing going on during this journey.

However, the treehouse that awaited us was delightful.  Set in peaceful and idyllic countryside we had views of rolling hills, woodland and a meadow.  A peacock and two peahens were very fond of our balcony and deer were spotted in the woodland.  We did very little during our time away.  Saturday was spent admiring the view, which could be seen from bed, while watching back to back episodes of Downton Abbey.  We managed a brief meal out in the evening but that was all.  On Sunday a trip to the seaside involved fish and chips on the sea front.  On the whole, it was probably a bit too much too soon, but it was lovely to be somewhere different, with a different view and to spend it with one of my oldest friends and definitely worth it.


3 thoughts on “Nipples Aloft!

  1. Sounds lovely Helen. So glad you managed to do it even if the journey was a bit ouchy. I am avid Archers fan, but you might need to explain that reference to me I confess xx


    1. Toby Fairbrother made the ‘nipples aloft’ comment weeks ago about something that had gone wrong. Clearly the correct ‘tits up’ is too risqué for radio 4. Made me giggle. A lot 😉 But I particularly liked the literal application of the phrase for this weekend x


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